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These small insects yellowish or golden wings fringed narrow insect with long hair. 

They are not the light, stay dressed in the dark, which prevents us from recognition. They feed on materials, carpets, leather. Rags, wool, clothing and stored Cover etc. harmless to humans, but causes damage. We can mainly be found in the spring and made all year. Carpet beetle is also important, as they are on the carpet.

•Tissue types Motte
•Cases under the fabric of tinea
•RCA Motte
•Cases under the fabric of tinea

Adults are up to 14 mm wingtip to wingtip, and the two wings are long and narrow. The body and wings are polished to golden color with a hint of brown, except three dark spots on each wing.

RCA Motte

  • • Adults are up to 12 mm wingtip to wingtip. The two wings are long and narrow. The wings and body are Buff Uniform / golden color except for a tuft of reddish (hairs) on the top of the head.
  • Pest Control West Delhi Control and Prevention Tips.
  • Use to store mothballs tissue.
  • Pest Control Rohini Keep prevent neem, eucalyptus and basil leaves in the cabinet, these butterflies.
  • Clothing, upholstered furniture, rugs or carpets should be cleaned regularly.
  • Bodenwischer regularly.
  • Contact a pest control company as soon as you recognize ringworm because it could have a band behind him.