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Ticks are ectoparasites (external parasites). 

Living blood from the blood of mammals, birds and feeding reptiles and amphibians occasionally. Ticks are important vectors of a number of diseases, including Lyme disease.

Pest Control Delhi Ticks generally live in the blood of mammals. The contact with the people through pets. They carry a lot of harmful bacteria that can cause skin diseases and many harmful diseases.

Control and Prevention Tips

  • Keep your own animals. Bath them daily.
  • Mop and regularly dust from his premise
  • Seek medical attention if bitten by ticks

Contact a Pest Control Patel Nagar company these ticks.Keeping to fix your home free of pests and family is an important task, and if you can successfully find a way to do it, without toxic solutions even better. We recommend the use of natural resources such as water vapor methods, sucking and physical barriers to control pests and protect your family and your home, while being environmentally friendly. We offer basic local service plan that includes an inspection followed by a report containing the information that you need for future preventive measures. The inspection of research specifically for signs of cockroaches, rodents, insects, spiders, lizards and bugs.We bed use crawl all necessary means, the parasites to stop in their tracks before. Liability for your business.