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A silver fish is measured a small insect wings. 

Without 1/2 to 1 inch in the rule. Because of its scale fish like appearance and money, which is known as silverfish. Usually, starch or polysaccharide feed. These include cola, sugar, hair, pictures, bonds, dandruff. They are usually in showers, bathroom sinks, etc., see where you can find cellulose. In buildings silverfish exist in moist environments rich enough cracks. If these conditions are eliminated, the silverfish will not survive in the situation.

Damage caused by Plateados

Since Pest Control Delhi are nocturnal and night parasites and the more active and feed on cereals and nonfood year, such as pulp, paper, clothing thickness, rayon fabric and meat dries. If they can go to a year without food, giving us more difficult to control the infestation. However, we can often be avoided by following certain methods, such as moisture removal and vacuum. But the use of sprays, powders or bait, if the conditions are alarming. The treatment of cracks, gaps, voids and other possible hiding wall in areas where pests are noticed.

Control and Prevention Tips

  • Pest Control Naraina Seal all cracks, wall voids.
  • Clean your bathroom and toilets. If possible, spray insecticides.
  • Regularly clean and dust from the premise.
  • Keep in principle free of moisture.
  • Keep food and other materials that contain starch in sealed packages.
  • Keep mothballs in the closet, sink, etc. to prevent these pests from entering your house.