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Control rats in open areas. 

Burrow fumigation

Pest Control Delhi the public area, the most important requirement is the Burrows identify of rats and rodents in vivo (rat hole). Correct identification of living in the open holes in the ground, half the work done ... rats and rodents fumigation bits will dig delicate work. Sometimes a rat hole may consist of several openings. It is therefore important, rodent burrows with multiple openings and close all openings except one, to identify the fumigation run dig.

Thereafter, Pest Control Nangloi Burrow, carried out spraying using as aluminum phosphide fumigants. Immediately after the opening hole fumigant application is fully closed. The basic principle is that the terrier must keep the gas long enough deadly enough to kill all those present within the time, the rats and rodents. Burrow, fumigation is the most popular method of rats and rodents in open areas.

Torpedo bait

Called control rats second process in open areas Torpedo "bait". This means that the cavity of rats with bait apply to the rats no other choice than the poisoned bait to take left. The bait is prepared by mixing as rodenticides zinc phosphide shot. This bait lives in caves crammed and holes are immediately connected. Accepting the rats no other choice than the poison bait and eventually died left.

We offer these services Council / rodent control the open areas of the units of the food processing, bakeries, bottling plants, pharmaceuticals, soap factories and oil, the paper industry, residential colonies, goods stores, hotels and restaurants, railways, airports, defense institutions, industry communities, energy production houses / plants etc.