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The application range is displayed as "Caution-Rat Bait" for security reasons. 

In the case of anticoagulants "multidose" agents in baits are used in very small amounts, so that no bait shyness occurring properly formulated to use as bait. Most of these baits cause death only after rats for several days consumed. These baits are always kept in tamperproof bait stations .it a guarantee for the people has, pets and other animals. These bait stations are strategically placed on the slopes of rats or openings near the wall or other places where rats are active. As far as possible.

Limited audio and electronic equipment

The Pest Control West Delhi rats are quickly immune to repeated frequent disturbances. those above the range of human hearing, have very limited use ultrasonic sounds because they are directional uni and do not penetrate behind items like furniture, handbags, wallets, etc .. In addition, its intensity decreases with distance. There is little evidence that their advantage of any kind established rat demonstrates building or to give sufficient control.

Pest Control Mansarover Garden offer our services for services rat and rodent control for private and commercial installations taking into account their specific and adapt rat needs program control. A thorough inspection of the premises is the key to a successful rodent control program.