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In contrast to insects, only two body segments (tagmata). 

Instead of three have: opisthosoma (called a fused head and thorax (cerebrospinal or prosoma) and abdomen) called. Spiders are predatory invertebrate animals have two body segments, eight legs, no parts of the mouth and chew without wings. Spiders are found worldwide. Spiders show a variety of behaviors, pairing ballet as some jumping spiders dancing exposed Athletics bolas spiders snatch their prey. Most Pest Control West Delhi diversity comes with the mode of predation, for example, if the spider in the web, or hunting waiting.

  • Most spiders are unlikely to bite humans because people not identified as prey. Spiders, even the smallest, but may bite if trapped.
  • Spider Bites are not intentionally or attack man who did not find their prey. They sometimes human bite if trapped and can like a bee sting pain associated with leaving as dangerous. So it is better to remove them in order to avoid accidents.
  • If spiders are available in your area, Pest Control Kirti Nagar very careful when boxes and other objects to move, which could be released by a poisonous spider. Do not be afraid; but just do not get into a spider.
  • Spiders are generally safe for humans, but they are not able to distinguish their prey. Its bite can cause serious skin diseases and in some cases, like the bite of the black widow can be fatal.