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Do you know that your teeth grow before rats (cutting) 5 inches per year. 

Their teeth grow continuously throughout their lives. So, of course, when things, the teeth are not dented longer than their bodies. This Schädlingsbekämpfer mostly structural part.

Pest Control Delhi is a fact that rats can cause great destruction with their teeth and jaws powerful jaws - so powerful that they can bite through the head!.

RATS biology and habits

Rats are some of the toughest and rodents in India. They consume and contaminate food, damage structures and property, and transmit parasites and diseases to other animals and humans. The Habitat rats and thrive in different weather conditions. They are often found around homes and other buildings, farms, gardens etc.

Pest Control Fateh Nagar nests with soft materials such as paper or grass built chewed into small pieces. Rats climb if necessary to enter a building. Some types of rats are excellent swimmers. Rats common species is found in India Mus musculus (house mouse) Rattus rattus (rat roof) musculatus Mus (mouse) and bandicoots (big rats).

Rats of both types, especially once young squeeze, with a distance of only 2 cm under a door. When the door of wood, can rats gnaw the gap to increase.