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Termites are commonly called subterranean termites. 

They live underground. Termite Pest Control West Delhi colonies are companies hundreds of thousands of one million people or in a distributed set of tunnels and underground chambers organized more. The workers (1/8 inch creamy white, segmented wingless body antennas heel) are the most numerous members of the colony.

Pest Control Janakpuri build and maintain the nest, care for immature, looking to eat for food and bring it back to the nest. Food is termites and other wood products such as pulp, paper and cardboard. The reproduction, ie, kings and queens, produce new offspring, while soldiers guarding the invasion colony. Swarmers (3/8 inch straight-sided, black body, silver wings) are adult men and women from the colonies established to create to try developing new colonies.

Damage caused by termites

Termites feed on wood custom these feed on all kinds of wood products to make. How do you stay hidden even in bad weather to protect, it is difficult to recognize, was done until considerable damage. Once they enter a building, which are not limited to contaminate the wood, but other cellulose compounds. Termites have a main entrance of the building is made by the ground. But they also can be transmitted through flexible plastic, plaster, rubber and sealants, such as rubber, and acrylic and silicone materials construction. Any material with the ground, such as trees, vines or fittings in direct contact - serves as a form of infestation.