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There are three different signals the presence of termites. 

Teeming Swarmers- presence of window frames, detects interior lighting, the activity of these termites. Swarmers is of the premise is a natural phenomenon, but one should not assume that this could lead to serious damage.

Pest Control West Delhi Brimming wings shedding. These wings discarded also show the presence of termites.

  • Tracks lazy / Damaged Bois Hollow, damaged or rotten to the presence of termites wood. When a timber is a blow by blow, they should consider termites. Mound near presence also shows the presence of termites.
  • Control and Prevention Tips
  • Premise proper cleaning
  • Remove all traces of old wood, clothing, etc.
  • Get your assumption a / after the construction of anti-termite treatment.
  • Keep all kinds of wood from the contact with the ground.

The Pest Control Ashok Nagar decision for the routine examination company. The most important requirement for termite control professional and experienced guides for a cockroach are usually food, water and damp conditions. Cockroaches are a public health because they carry salmonella bacteria agencies responsible for food poisoning. They are nocturnal and are most active at night. They can also be found in the cleanest conditions. Cockroaches are the most common parasites, spreading the germs. For maximum from prevention and control cockroaches cockroaches, seal all holes and crevices that can provide for a cockroach available. It is important to keep the house clean. The party cockroaches rectum wallpaper paste waste paper, etc. However sent your home free of food particles cockroaches in search of a dirty place to keep packaging - and their parasites keep all.

  • Control
  • Prevention
  • Good hygiene
  • Inspection
  • Insecticide adoption. (WC and demand Spray Gel, herbal paste, etc.)